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Fans protest against new shirt
By Håvard Lindheim, 10 April 2004, 15:40

There has not been a lack of reactions after publicated pictures of the 2004 Rosenborg shirt on Tuesday.

"Our own club obviously does not care at all how our shirt shall look. Several other Norwegian clubs do care, and try hard to make it look as good as possible, even with sponsors. They do not always succeed, but they try. Clubs with a far weaker economy manage to get better solutions than Rosenborg," Rosenborg fan club Kjernen writes on their web pages.

- Makes me cry!
Leader of Kjernen, Christian Brøndbo, agrees:

"Most of all I wanted to weep when I first saw the new shirt. I thought we reached bottom with those blue IF-logos in 2001, but sadly, I was mistaken," Brøndbo says to

The fan club leader is sure that RBK in all aspects will gain from cleaning up the chaos of sponsor logos that now is thrown all around the shirt.

"I notice that RBK wants the supporter merchandise marked to grow, but then they should really have products that people will buy. This new shirt is definitely not something you wear appart from match days. Sure, I do hope, for Rosenborg's benefit, that they sell a lot of shirts, but I am in doubt. The market will react negative on this one, that is my belief."

"Shouldn't it also be in the sponsors' best interest that as many as possible buys and wears the shirt on a daily basis? Kjernen fully accepts that RBK needs sponsors, and that sponsors want something in return for the money they put on the table, but this is in our opinion a balance between profiling sponsors and having respect for the club shirt. Here, both RBK and the sponsors have failed fatally this year," Christian Brøndbo states firmly.

Single colour logos, please!
He is however of the opinion that one single trick could vastly improve the RBK party-wear.

"I saw a test print of the shirt, where all the commercials were in the club's colours, and where the Telenor Mobil logo had a white background. That shirt was actually fully acceptable. The resulting product is, however, sadly a total miss." has recently started a write-your-opinions campaign named "I want a clean and tidy RBK shirt". The campaign aims at putting focus on what many feels is a de-littering of the shirt.

The common man protests
During the first days of the campaign, a lot of people have written their protests; the number passed 150 early on. Here are some opinions:

"Rosenborg shows bad taste. This can only be compared to selling our soul to the devil. When shall RBK start caring about their fans?", Trond Nestad asks.

"This is a shirt of which Rosenborg should feel ashamed. Poorer clubs sees it sensible to limit the sponsor effect upon their shirts - this is a field where the RBK Administration should learn," Petter Krogstad thinks.

"I will not buy this shirt, rather I keep the old worn-out one! My symphaty to the boys that will have to enter the field in front of photographers and fans with such a thing," Lars Esten Heggvik proclaims.

"Do hope that Telenor really blew their full sponsor budget with this commercial. Need to search hard and long to find anything as crappy. Are the people of The Hut this desperate for money, why don't they sell themselves on the streets. With this shirt they will surely hit the market, oh year..." another Lars makes clear.

Better next year?
Rosenborg Director of Marketing Activities Erik Espeseth, who tuesday defended the club in the "shirt case", has noted the frustration. No improvements can be expected this year, but he opens for prettier suits in the future:

"We will note the fans' views when we plan the nex new shirt," Espeseth promises.

Let us see, then...

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