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Ola By Rise fired
By Håvard Lindheim, 26 October 2004, 11:40

Ola By Rise not Rosenborg coach next season.

After many meetings, a press conference Thursday at 4 PM said it all: Ola By Rise finishes this season, but will not continue any further.

"I have been planning to finish my contract, but I have received clear signals related to the expectations of my role. The conclusion is that the club wants a new head coach. I have been through a long talk with the players; we are not enemies. The process has been a good one," Ola By Rise says.

Still, Ola By points out that he'll do what it takes to secure RBKs 13th gold in a row, even tough he isn't allowed to continue.

"Rosenborg shall be champions yet again. We will do this together, and I think that we have gotten extra energy from this process. Sure, I probably haven't done everything right as a coach, but on the other hand, much has been good. We are in the lead in the league, and we are in the Champions League. And we are still friends. We will work hard to win the league - and we will do it together," a firm Ola said.

One season Ola By Rise got for now. A pity, many feels. Still, should not be alone in our view that the media has been active in the process.

At the same time, it has become clear that the players, too, agreed to say no to Ola. Rumours have been heard, and Erik Hoftun confirms this to local Trondheim newspaper Adresseavisa:

"The main problem is that he has not been clear enough on how we shall play. Also, that he has not been active enough with whipping us around at the training field, a thing we have been used to," Hoftun says.

The captain feels that this process almost was forced through by media speculations.

"This is a result of what has happened the past few days. It has not been easy for us to relate to what has been written, because we know what signals we have given the club," Erik Hoftun says.

"Players must adapt"
Ola By Rise goes a long way in admitting that he was brought down by the players.

"Obviously, there is no room for an Ola By Rise in the club now. It seems like they want a heavier coach, and I don't mean the weight," By Rise says, and thinks that the players should rethink their actions.

"I haven't been as guiding as the players might have wanted. They wanted a coach that stopped the training sessions to say what they should to, a kind of 'yeller'."

"But I must be myself, and cannot do an act for them. I think there is too much nostalgy among the players; 'everything was better during the war'. Today's football is quite different from some years ago, and there is always tougher demands. The player group simply need to work hard with themselves and eachother to adapt. They need to demand things from themselves and their team mates. To have done well throughout the years isn't enough, you need to do it now."

All in all, Ola feels that the established players should have taken more of a responsibility.

"It is not always easy to teach old dogs to sit, they usually know if from earlier ..."

Good to have it settled
"I did not resign. I wished to continue, but that is not to be. Still, I feel that I have quite some knowledge of football, and I can contribute to the club," Ola By Rise says.

Thursday, after the 1-2 loss against PSV Eindhoven, Ola understood that his destiny was set: the carreer as a coach was over.

"I knew with a high degree of certainty that this would happen when I came to work today. Both I and the team needed to have this settled, else I am afraid that the gold would be lost," he says.

The former goalkeeper legend now has eight matches to turn the bad trend, and hence to secure his reputation.

"We whall stand united in the final push of the Tippeliga, and I firmly believe that we will give 110 % in the remaining games. Whatever happens, I can't admit that this season has been rotten. We do after all lead the leage and play in the Champions League," Ola By says.

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