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New coaches: Perry and Eggen takes charge
By Håvard Lindheim, 11 November 2004, 08:37

Rosenborg has decided to end Ola By Rise's work. Per Joar "Perry" Hansen will immediately take the leading role, with Skarsfjord as co-coach; while Nils Arne Eggen and Bjørn Hansen will be consultants.

When Åge Hareide left Lerkendal last autumn, Eggen was appointed consultant. Ola By Rise used the legend to some degree, but was firm on wanting to stand on his own feet.

Now the old man Eggen will get a more central role around the team. He will be drawn closer to the players, and parttake on the training field. His speciality is, and always was, attacking formations and the offensive part of the 4-3-3-game, and this is what he will coach now. Bjørn Hansen will get a similar role in the defensive part.

Coaches for a year
Resulting from a personal wish, Per Joar Hansen and Rune Skarsfjord gets a testing year as main and vice coaches.

"I wanted a one year contract myself. That feels right in the situation that has evolved. Simply a testing year," Per Joar Hansen says to local Trondheim daily Adresseavisa.

Even tough Perry & Co. only signs a one-year contract, Rosenborg doesn't view this as a short-time solution while waiting for Trond Sollied.

"No, this is not just a temporary solution," Sports Director Rune Bratseth says to Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

Circus Eggen
Minutes after he was presented as a 'support act' for the new coaches, Nils Arne Eggen took the leading role during the training session at Lerkendal.

HE's BACK: Helstad and Storflor get told their roles.

Photo: Thomas Myren

Eggen lead major parts of Tuesday's Rosenborg training session in the old well-known style. The coach legend stopped the play, suitable or not; yelled and waved, accompanied by smiles both from players, journalists and spectators.

"It doesn't feel like he has been away for very long. But then again, he hasn't. Nils Arne has been a part of RBK since he retired two years ago," Harald Brattbakk said after the training session.

Passive Perry
The new main coach, Per Joar Hansen, was mostly standing on the sideline and watching the show, together with keeper coach Jørn Jamtfall and junior coach Trond Henriksen.

"Nils Arne has, together with Bjørn Hansen, stood spinning on the sideline for a long time now, and he was obviously happy to be let loose again," Perry states.

The old man will however usually not be parttaking as active as today. He will just be present at some sessions.

"In the coach team we will discuss who will do what in the training sessions to come. This will be evaluated as we go. Today, Nils Arne was set to run most of the show. Nils has free reins, but I am the main coach and will control this wild beast," the new Rosenborg coach grins.

"Will work out fine"
Rune Skarsfjord has gotten a more central role to play in the team of coaches, even tough he had an anonymous role during the Nils Arne Eggen show.

"Per Joar did such a bad job as co-coach that I had to take over," Skarsfjord smiles when gets a hold of him.

The northerner firmly believes that the new coach quartet shall succeed.

"We think this will work out very good," Skars says. He has, together with his three colleagues, only signed for one year.

"Anyway, we think that contract-stated time limits means little. If it works out, we continue. If it doesn't, we don't. None of us have interest of clinging on to the job and point to the contract should things go bad," the 34-year old points out.

And in the background lures Trond Sollied. His contract with Club Brugge expires as of summer 2006.

"Should Trond come, he'll take over. The club feels that he is the man best suited for this job, and we shall not stand in his way. Still, as of now, we just don't know what he want to do in the future. It looks like he wants to stay abroad for some years," says Skarsfjord.

This year, he has been the link between the A squad and RBK's juniors, and has been the boss of the RBK 2nd team. Now, someone else gets that part.

"We will spend some days to organize. For now, we have mainly concentrated on the A team. It is possible that we will get a new coach for my old role," Skarsfjord finishes.

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