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Wants new midfielder
By Håvard Lindheim, 5 Januar 2005, 10:12

The price tags of both Martin Andresen and Adrian Gashi were higher than what Rosenborg wanted to pay. Hence, the Norwegian champions continue their hunt for a new central midfielder.

Two years have now gone since Bent Skammelsrud was forced by ex-coach Åge Hareide to retire, but still RBK haven't found a adequate successor to the midfield legend. At the same time, "stand-in" Ørjan Berg is set to leave Rosenborg for Bodø/Glimt after the 2005 season.

In other words, RBK are still hunting a new central midfielder.

Hard working goalscorer
"We are looking for a hard working player who is not afraid of duels. And at the same time, we feel that a midfielder in Rosenborg should be able to score seven to ten goals a season. It is important that the player is good enough to become a regular from day one, as well as having a potential of improvement," new head coach Per Joar Hansen says to

"But such a player is hard to find. Our search is mainly located to Scandinavia, and the choices are few."

The Swedish international Andreas Johansson is set to leave Djurgården. Can he be a good choice?

"As a rule, I never comment spesific names, but Johansson is definitely a very good player and one of few in the Nordic countries that meets our standards."

The RBK coach has decided to continue the "project" of, at times, pushing the central midfielder forwards in the field. This should however not affect what kind of player the club looks for.

"Is the player skilled enough, it shouldn't matter weither he gets a defensive or an offensive role."

Waits for answer from Kvarme
Per Joar Hansen initially thinks that Rosenborg have enough good players for the central defense.

"We have Erik (Hoftun), and Vidar (Riseth) is on his way back and joins us for the Gran Canary trip. As do Miika Koppinen. In addition we have Alexander Tettey, who showed against Esbjerg that he can come in and do a job as a central defender," Perry says.

Nevertheless, another team improvement can arrive within short: Bjørn Tore Kvarme dislikes his stay at Corsica, despite getting lots of playing time, and wants to leave his club Bastia 6 months before the contract expires. Everything points to the French being willing to release the Trondheim player.

"We did notice this, and have spoken to Bjørn Tore and told him that we want his services. The same thing FC Lyn Oslo have done, so we wait for the player to make his choice."

No plans for a striker
Rumours have had it that Rosenborg is in negotiations with the Egyptian player Mohamed Zidan of Danish club FC Midtjylland, a player that lately has been connected to clubs like Werder Bremen and Galatasaray.

"This is not correct," Per Joar Hansen states.

The Egyptian has a price tag of around €4 million.

"He is way too expensive. All players that are interesting for foreign top clubs will be too pricy for us. Some feels that we should try to get to them first, but those big clubs aren't asleep. They have often followed a player for a long period before signalling interest," Sports Director Rune Bratseth told back in June.

All in all, Perry is well pleased with the attacker situation.

"In addition to Christian Sæther Moen, who we probably will lend out, we have six players to choose from in the attacking line."

As early as the autumn of 2002, Åge Hareide announced his wish for a "super-striker", who can deliver the goods in Europe as well. Nothing has happened so far ...

"A bit of realism, please. A forward on the highest European level will never come to Norway and us. He will want to play in France, Germany or even bigger leagues, despite the fact that we might have the money to buy him," Per Joar Hansen finishes.

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