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Høgmo: "I am no saviour"
By Håvard Lindheim, 11 August 2005, 11:41

Per-Mathias Høgmo signed for Rosenborg on Monday evening. The 45-year-old will be the third Rosenborg coach in ten months!

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Photo: Thomas Myren

"I am happy that the contract is a long-term one," Høgmo grinned. He has tied himself to Lerkendal until end of 2008.

Could not say no
The northlander has had a quiet period after he said goodbye to Tromsø IL before Christmas.

"The deal with Tromsø was regulated so that I could leave after one year, and I gave the message early that I wanted to go back home to Moss. For the last six months I have been giving toughts as to what I wanted to do. In June/July RBK started contacting me, and that gave me a good drive. This is a challenge I couldn't turn down," he says.

The past two seasons have shown that the pressure a National team coach feels, is nothing compared to that of the head coach in Rosenborg BK.

"A challenge, and a very big one; there can be no doubt about that. Next to FC Køpenhavn it is the biggest of the Nordic clubs, and people around the world have heard of Rosenborg," says the man who will lead the club through the hardships it experiences these days.

Lack of success is good
Per-Mathias Høgmo

Born: 01/12/1959
Clubs as player: Gratangen (1977), Mjølner (1978-83), Tromsø (1984-85, 86-89) and IFK Norrköping (1985-86).
Caps: 1 A for Norway, 1 for Sápmi
Clubs as coach: Gratangen (1989), Tromsdalen (1990-91), Tromsø (1992 and 2004), Fossum (1993-94) and Moss (1995-96).
Head of the National team: Sápmi (1991-92), G19 (1993), G15 (1994), G16 (1995), G17 (1996), A-team women (1997-2000) and U21-team men (2001-03).
Merits: Norwegian cup champion 1986, Olympic gold medal 2000
"After 13 league championships in a row, it is good to experience lack of success. The life gets somewhat poorer if we only live on successes. When things turn bad, we really get to test out the community, to test what live inside each and every one of us, and then, furter on, find resources for new steps forward," Per-Mathias Høgmo ascertains.

The new head coach has chosen to take Bjørn Hansen and Rune Skarsfjord as assistants. In addition, Sports Director Rune Bratseth will be linked closer to the team.

"It is no doubt that Rune B. has great knowledge in some areas, a knowledge no other in Football-Norway has. To be able to use him as a partner in discussions will be very important," Høgmo says.

Will answer own criticism
Throughout the year, the new coach has - as an expert for the broadcaster NRK - been critizising Rosenborg. Now, he will work with the weak points that he has been observing.

"From the start I will ask each player the question, 'What is your contribution? How can you help making the players around you perform better?' And then it is important to rationalize this, so that they aren't just words. We must make each other responsible," Høgmo says, and sees many details that must be fixed:

"Throughout the season it has been a lack of burning will in one-to-one-situations. If you shall put on the white shirt, you must be willing and able to give everything in duels," he says.

The mental part will be just as important in today's RBK team.

"It is important that everyone in the club gets back the faith in what they are doing, and faith is created from hard and targetted work. Systematic work is important for me," Høgmo says. He runs much of his work after the three I's: Innovation, Involement and Inspiration.

"We shall formalize the three I's and work after those. They are my guiding stars. They have given us an Olympic gold medal, and much success for the U21 national team and Tromsø," he states.

No great changes from the start
"In the short term it is important to rebuild and strengthen the existinig relations. Then time will show wether we want to make stronger changes," the new coach says, wanting to leave the 4-3-3 that old Eggen fine-tuned.

"In Tromsø we played 4-2-3-1 with success - we would have taken the gold if Morten Gamst Pedersen hadn't been sold to Blackburn. Earlier I have been working under Tommy Svensson, who had a French, possession-oriented style. Lately, the Argentinian defensive tactics, where the opponent player gets two-three defenders around him, have trigged me. To get one's toughts triggered, one must visit other environments," Per-Mathias Høgmo ascertains, before he finishes:

"Rosenborg is soon back in the top. Much will happen as soon as next year."

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