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Commentary: The impossible is now possible
By Håvard Lindheim, 21 September 2005, 08:21

Rosenborg now has five games of high nerve coming. The players will have to learn how to tackle pressure - very quick.

A commentary from Thomas Myren of

UNREAL: After 13 championships in a row, Strand and Riseth are in dire danger of relegation.

Photo: Thomas Myren

For one hour, RBK on sunday were ready for direct relegation, but thanks to a late Aalesund goal against Bodø/Glimt, Tromsø was the only northern team to pass Roseborg on the table - for now.

But the club with 13 league golds in a row still have fallen two places, down to the qualifications spot, during the weekend. It is a short way both up and down.

Personally I don't think RBK will fall further down on the table during the autumn. The bottom teams, that is, Aalesund, Bodø/Glimt, Tromsø, Fredrikstad and RBK, have several internal fights during the final rounds, and as a result I mean that much must go very wrong before Rosenborg falls down onto one of the bottom two places - those of direct relegation.

In other words, I think that a qualifying match for further Tippeliga play is the worst possible result in 2005. For the moment, Moss, Bryne or Hønefoss looks to be the opponent of such a double match, and in spite of some bad experiences with first division teams this year, I think that RBK will mobilize enough strength to win over two games. After all, we are the Norwegian team with most experience in such home-and-away-games, after a decade of European cup participation.

But! In order to secure the 'safe' qualification spot, or to start climbing, we will have to start winning agmes again. Six lost games in a row is the worst record throughout the history for RBK, and especially the number of conceded goals is horrible. The RBK ship has sprung leak.

Hence, to close the gaps in the defensive wall must be our first priority for the moment. It does not help a bit to create many chances and score several goals a game as long as we let in so many more.

Unfortunately I have no good suggestion as to what should be done, but one thing must be present if we want to make it hard for our opponents: A will to sacrifice! Alas, I have noted many times throughout the year that some of the highest profiled and supposedly most popular players haven't been on their toes in decisive moments, in both ends of the field. This is the worst thing a supporter sees, and can't be acceptable for neither coaches nor team mates!

As his predecessors, Høgmo speaks alot about what is being done wrong. Hopefully he can take it a step further, and bring in the golden rule that all action gives reaction. If a player doesn't give everything he hass, in all situations, he must bear the concequences - which is, to warm the bench!

There are many queued up to run out and give everything - included several of those in action for the junior team in the semifinal against Odd Grenland Sunday night.

The first chance to produce results is on Sunday against Odd's seniors. Can the 2-1 result from Skien be copied? It is more or less vital, in order to survive ...

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