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Kvarme - "the rock"
By Endre Bakken, 13 November 2005, 01:20

Without almost anyone noticing it, Bjørn Tore Kvarme has played his way into a Rosenborg team in great shape this fall, and has helped to fill the holes in the defense.

Kvarme makes the other ones better (15/02/2005)

"He has been outstanding. Saying so might not be popular, but he became much better after leaving Norway. He is better than what I believed him to be when we got him back," Bjørn Hansen tells Rosenborg Web.

The veteran coach has followed his pupil through all of his career, and commends Kvarme's professional attitude.

24 hour pro athlete
"He pays great attention to everything he does, both in his work-outs and everything else. He is what I call a 24 hour pro athlete. A professional in all aspects," Hansen says.

Kvarme himself is much more modest when it comes to describing his role in this fall's strong Rosenborg team, which found it's old self again at the end of this year's season.

"Overall it has worked well. We made a blunder in the scond half in Madrid, where we got four goals against in no time. Except from that it has gone the way we hoped. I should say that the whole team has defended well, not just us four defenders," he claims.

The 33-year-old came on a free transfer from French club Bastia last January. The transfer got Kvarme back to where he started his professional career.

Right winger
The young, talented right winger from lower division club Utleira made his debut at RBK in the season of 1991. The following season he did not get to play much, but that was due to retraining, Nils Arne Eggen ment that the player should become a right back. The retraining was successful and in 1993-1996 he was the first choice in his position.

In the fall of '96 Kvarme wanted to try something different, and decided to use the opportunity made possible by the new Bosman rule. He was more or less ready to sign for Stabæk, and looked forward to moving to Oslo, when Liverpool joined the struggle to get his signature just some days before the legendary away match against AC Milan. Kvarme then spent some days on a trail in England before joining RBK's training camp in France before the match in Milan.

European team of the year
Just after the fabulous 2-1 victory he signed for Liverpool, and was the first player to leave RBK as a Bosman. "Beto" went straight into the first team and got a smashing start at Liverpool. In the season of 97/98 the "Trondheimer" was chosen for the "team of the year" by the France Football magazine, which each year awards the "Golden ball".

"Bjørn Tore Kvarme is most probably the player in Norway that has gotten the least attention, at least considering his skills," Stig Inge Bjørnebye says. The national team assistant coach played with him in England for many seasons.

Kvarme's number of caps for the national team is a good prove of this. But the reason for him playing only one match with the Norwegian flag on his chest is twofold. Firstly, coach Egil "Drillo" Olsen never found a place for him, and secondly, when new coach Nils Johan Semb later opened the door to the national team he politely declined due to his familial situation.

EVERYDAY LIFE: Kvarme is used to taking care of celebrities.

Photo: Thomas Myren

His career at Liverpool however slowly declined and after sitting on the bench for some time Kvarme was sold to French side St. Etienne in the summer of 1999. After two seasons as a regular central defender for the greenshirts, the position he has played in ever since, his European journey went to the Basque country where he played for Real Sociedad. He and his family had a great time there. His team was very successful too, being runners-up in the Primera Division in 2002/03.

Back to Trondheim
In the summer of 2004 Kvarme became a Bosman again, and he considered going back to RBK. But instead he signed a contract with Bastia.

"Life at Corsica did not work out like I expected it to. I was very uncertain before signing and unfortunately I was right. Neither me nor my family liked it there, and so I used the clause in my contract that allowed me to leave in December," Kvarme tells Rosenborg Web.

RBK and Lyn Oslo later fought about getting him to sign. Luckily Rosenborg emerged as the winner and got the experienced defender that makes football look so easy.

"He is polished, but also robust when we need him to be," Bjørn Hansen explains.

Injury nightmare
Kvarme went straight into the starting eleven after returning from France, placing team captain Erik Hoftun on the bench during the Scandinavian Royal League matches last winter. But at half time in the league opener against Aalesund he had to throw in the towel after injuring his groin against FC Copenhagen a few days earlier.

The injury kept him out for four months until he entered the league game against Bodø/Glimt as a substitute. But just a week later he had to reenter the RBK medical clinic: After playing for five minutes against Lillestrøm he collided with central defense partner Alejandro Lago. The result was a concussion of the brain which kept him out for yet another month.

In the beginning of September Kvarme was back on the pitch again. Since then, both him and RBK has played extremely well.

"This season has not been too good, all things considered, but the last couple of months we have been playing really well. We will show no mercy next year," Bjørn Tore Kvarme promises.

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