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Hamrén on the goalies
By Endre Bakken, 14 March 2009, 18:17

Rune Jarstein and Alexander Lund Hansen struggled last year. Erik Hamrén thinks both of them grew because of the adversity.

How hindered was Jarstein by the thigh injury when he was struggling to play well?

"That's impossible to answer. He was our goalie. The injury might have affected him, but it is also possible that it didn't. It probably impaired him in some way.

It looked like it affected his ability to jump?

"I wouldn't be able to judge that.

Was his attitude improved after being put out of the team against Brøndby?

"I don't know if it was that or that he has matured, but the last month previous year he made great progress. He started focusing a lot more on what he was supposed to do. I've talked about "attitude", and his became real good.

"He has continued like that at practice, and shown it in matches too - both in the practice games and the national one against Germany. He has taken great steps forward after that rejection which he took in stride. You always have a choice as a human: Either you choose positive, and try to make something good out of the situation. Or you focus on the negative. Rune made a good choice, and decided "I'll show them what I'm capable of". And he did.

Getting back his position as the national goalie was probably an important confirmation?

"Of course. He has also recieved confirmation in the frindlies we have played. Us coaches, and also the players give him feedback during practice.

What are your thoughts on Lund Hansen's situation, who got to play against Brøndby, but who injured his shoulder in the match against HamKam?

"It is tough. After many years attempting to become the first choice, he really took care of the opportunity. Then he got that injury. He made the right decision too. Instead of feeling sorry for himself and being depressed, he has worked hard after the surgery to get back. He did a terrific job, and the last few weeks he has been able to practice full time. He isn't at the level he was before the injury, but he is able to practice all the time now, so he'll be back there soon.

"They both have the right attitude. Rune used his opportunity when the results were bad, while Alex has grown because of his injury and shown fortitude.

How is Johnsen's knee injury?

"He isn't well yet, but developing positively. Coming here as a new player, new in the troop at least, and becoming injured is the worst thing that can happen. You want to show that you are back, compete and become the first choice as goalie.

Alex is your second choice?

"With our current situation, Rune is the goalie. Alex isn't at the level he was before the injury, while Espen isn't ready.

Is the third choice going to disappear this summer?

"Having three such good and developed keepers isn't the best solution. If everyone is healthy, one has to sit on the stands. You're supposed to have a young goalie there, to watch and learn.

"But with things the way they are, we have to make the best of it. As a coach I am happy for having so many good players at my disposal, but it might not be optimal to have three such good goalies for personal reasons. Sitting on the stands is hard for those who have to do that.

You believe in a sale this summer?

"Alex and Espens contracts expire after this season, but I don't know what, if anything, is going to happen before that.

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