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Molde - Rosenborg 0-2
By Endre Bakken, 29 September 2009, 19:56

RBK got revenge for their cup-fiasco and could celebrate the gold on enemy territory.

MOLDE ( "It was a fantastic feeling to come here and take the gold. It was important for us to get back at them after our 0-5-loss last time. Beating them felt good," a beaming Juska Savolainen said.

The Finn began his first game for Rosenborg since the league opening last year, and is therefore eligible for recieving the medal. He was playing since Marek Sapara and Per Ciljan Skjelbred were out with injuries while Kris Stadsgaard couldn't play because of three yellow cards. So Vadim Demidov had tobe in the central defense.

Perhaps the lineup changes were responsible for RBK struggling before the break. Molde were better, but not as efficient as in that shameful cup match. José Mota began with a free-kick in the outside of the bar before Pape Pate Diouf ended up alone with Rune Jarstein, who saved easily.

The goalie had much to do, and kept RBK in the game at 0-0. RBK should be happy that the Telemarking stretched himself as long as he could and saved a header from Mame Biram Diouf after half time.

"We were simply too cowardly. We were afraid of losing the game. But in the second half we improved. We were more aggressive and willing to take risks, and therefore we created more chances. The passes improved too. Before the break I don't think we had three consecutive passes - we mostly kicked the ball away, and that's not good," Erik Hamrén concluded.

Trond Olsen started the second half with a well placed free kick, that Knut Dørum Lillebakk was able to fist away from the top corner. Demidov got close to finishing a smart corner with a goal a minute later.

After that the game died, and the most dramatic thing that happened was that Makhtar Thioune within one minute twice fouled Mikael Lustig by stepping on his right ankle. The right back tried continuing, but had to leave his back position to Savolainen while junior player Markus Henriksen took over on the midfield.

After 79 minutes Rosenborg took the lead. Rade Prica snapped up the ball far up on the field, and served Steffen Iversen, who with the outisde of his foot sent the ball with a twirl into the top corner from 20 meters.

"It was a fantastic feeling. I was in a position that allowed me to see that it would go in before it did," a happy Hamrén told.

RBK had therefore secured gold medals at Aker Stadium; one point was enough. But Molde were not spared: Abdou Traoré passed to Olsen, who, after a pirouet, shot in from a sharp angle.

The goals came in front of Kjernen on the away stands, which did not put a damper on the mood.

"Thanks to those who came. They deserved seeing us win the gold today," Trond Olsen felt.

Match stats

Steffen Iversen 79
Trond Olsen 86

Sunday 27. September 2009 20:00
Tippeliga, Aker stadion, Molde
10 773 attendants

Rosenborg [4-2-3-1]
Rune Jarstein - Mikael Lustig (Markus Henriksen 75), Vadim Demidov, Alejandro Lago, Mikael Dorsin - Anthony Annan, Juska Savolainen (Simen Wangberg 89) - Roar Strand (Abdou Traoré 69), Steffen Iversen, Trond Olsen - Rade Prica

Yellow cards RBK: none

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