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The success of Rosenborg
6 July 2010, 19:49
With club legend Nils Arne Eggen (68) back as coach, Rosenborg are once more set to begin the road to the Champions League.

"Can become one of the World's best"
9 May 2010, 14:58
Anthony Annan is set to begin his World Cup preperations after being named in Ghana's preliminary squad.

Hamrén on putting the chances
23 March 2009, 15:47
Erik Hamrén has found himself lacking efficient strikers - but warns against overemphasising shots-on-goal statistics.

Hamrén on attacking
15 March 2009, 17:33
In their budget, Rosenborg operates with expected player sales during the summer, but competition among the forwards is now so great that Erik Hamrén will be looking to his own ranks for replacements.

Hamrén on defending
15 March 2009, 17:25
Lacking crucial speed at the back while Kris Stadsgaard's injured knee heals up, Erik Hamrén emphasises defensive smartness.

Hamrén on the goalies
14 March 2009, 18:17
Rune Jarstein and Alexander Lund Hansen struggled last year. Erik Hamrén thinks both of them grew because of the adversity.

Hamren on physical exercise
13 March 2009, 13:02
Rosenborg collapsed last year and didn't win one single game out of the seven that were played when the medals were to be awarded. Erik Hamrén promises improvement.

The new Troll kids
30 March 2008, 13:26
With the potentially exciting season looming just ahead, how will Trond Henriksen lay the foundations for a new championship side?

100th and last for Strand?
10 December 2007, 22:08
Roar Strand is back in the starting line-up against Schalke. This will be the 100th Champions League match of the Rosenborg captain.

Commentary: Fighting the winter
9 December 2007, 10:58
Rosenborg are on second place in the group before the last match day. Who had thought that after the draw in August? I guess noone.

Easier road to Europe
1 December 2007, 13:07
From 2009/10 both the Champions League and the UEFA Cup will be changed. This gains Rosenborg.

Commentary: Match of the millennium
25 November 2007, 23:45
The quarter final against Juventus in 1997 is still the biggest match played at Lerkendal, but that happened in the last millennium. Next up is Chelsea.

Commentary: Bye, bye Kone?
22 November 2007, 11:46
Yssouf Kone wants to leave Rosenborg after a fantastic second half of the 2007 season.

More core particles
16 October 2006, 10:18
The Rosenborg supporter club Kjernen, "the core", is the largest and most well known group of supporters, but around it, several smaller "particles" float.

Contemplating the road ahead
4 August 2006, 14:25
While the coaching staff is planning the on-pitch turnaround, the Rosenborg board of directors are making new, long-term plans.

The generation change: the time is now
28 July 2006, 08:48
Rosenborg still haven't managed buy new players to strengthen the squad, and the now-confused coach situation doesn't improve the work. What about using our own juniors instead?

The last samurai
17 July 2006, 00:33
15 minutes of play at the end of the 1-0 victory against Fredrikstad marked the end of exactly six years in Rosenborg for Frode Johnsen.

Pleasant return for Hyka
10 June 2006, 21:56
Jahmir Hyka has had a great week since he returned to Trondheim and Rosenborg.

Promises to be more thorough
7 April 2006, 09:59
Unsuccessful new signings is part of the explanation of the previous years' increasing lack of success. Now, Rosenborg will change their routines.

Will digitalize matches
6 April 2006, 14:15
Rosenborg will invest millions in advanced match analysis equipment.

Høgmo wants to know - not to assume
4 April 2006, 09:41
As the new test laboratory at Lerkendal is being started, Rosenborg gears up the work of mapping each detail of the players.

H.M. Brattbakk, King of Goals
22 Februar 2006, 10:22
It is a living legend that took farewell with Rosenborg today. Harald Brattbakk will be remembered as one of the greatest players of the club's history.

Iversen: "A simple choice"
14 Februar 2006, 08:54
Steffen Iversen is very pleased with the Rosenborg comeback.

Imminent breakthrough for Tettey
31 Januar 2006, 08:14
2005 was the grand year for Per Ciljan Skjelbred. Now, his good friend Alexander Tettey awaits his big breakthrough.

Kvarme - "the rock"
13 November 2005, 01:20
Without almost anyone noticing it, Bjørn Tore Kvarme has played his way into a Rosenborg team in great shape this fall, and has helped to fill the holes in the defense.

Narvesen new head sponsor
6 November 2005, 01:22
The Reitan Group will continue as the club's head sponsor for at least four more years, but from now the logo of Narvesen will be "decorating" the front of the players' shirts.

Physical research lab ready by spring
5 November 2005, 16:46
Rosenborg has decided to use several million norwegian kroners to build a new physical research lab at Lerkendal.

Commentary: The impossible is now possible
21 September 2005, 08:21
Rosenborg now has five games of high nerve coming. The players will have to learn how to tackle pressure - very quick.

What's wrong with Rosenborg?
5 September 2005, 11:06
There is of course no easy answer to this. First I have to say that Rosenborg have been worsened every year since our great 1999 season. This have not changed over the night (as a Norwegian saying says).

Høgmo: "I am no saviour"
11 August 2005, 11:41
Per-Mathias Høgmo signed for Rosenborg on Monday evening. The 45-year-old will be the third Rosenborg coach in ten months!

H.M. Brattbakk: King of Goals
9 June 2005, 22:17
In almost a year Harald Brattbakk waited for his 160th league goal. In injury time against Odd Grenland the Rosenborg striker finally could celebrate.

Talks with Perry
12 April 2005, 13:07
Prior to the league kickoff against Aalesund on Sunday, got a talk with Per Joar Hansen about himself and Rosenborg anno 2005.

Earning millions from playing
17 March 2005, 16:10
Royal League isn't just a success in the sports aspect; economically, too, it goes great. Rosenborg has already gained €530.000 in price money.

Equipment deal of the century
28 Februar 2005, 12:13
The current equipment deal with Adidas expires after this season. The Germans want to keep Rosenborg in their portfolio, and are willing to pay up: Adidas has decided to pay RBK the neat sum of €8.88 million to use their clothes until 2012!

Kvarme makes the other ones better
15 Februar 2005, 09:12
The 1-0 win against Esbjerg marked Bjørn Tore Kvarme's comeback at Lerkendal after eight years in excile. The veteran defender impressed, and got much praise after the match.

Ola reviews 2004
7 Februar 2005, 13:26
For the first time in six years, Ola By Rise wasn't attending when Rosenborg reviewed the past season., however, lets the Golden Coach have his say.

Roof comes!
28 Januar 2005, 15:29
This week, Rosenborg starts the serious planning of a new removable roof at Lerkendal stadium. The project is estimated to €12M.

Eggen on Rosenborg and the future
5 Januar 2005, 11:00
A wise man has said (I think it was Albert Einstein): We cannot solve the problems with the same toughts that created them.

George Curtis is dead
3 December 2004, 08:12
The Rosenborg head coach for parts of the club's first golden age has died. George Curtis was 85 years old.

New coaches: Perry and Eggen takes charge
11 November 2004, 08:37
Rosenborg has decided to end Ola By Rise's work. Per Joar "Perry" Hansen will immediately take the leading role, with Skarsfjord as co-coach; while Nils Arne Eggen and Bjørn Hansen will be consultants.

5 November 2004, 09:44
"This was totally unbelieveable!" a very happy Roar Strand said as his league match no. 300 has been crowned with a league gold.

New RBK coach - The Sollied case
5 November 2004, 09:42
As Ola By Rise got the message that he wouldn't be allowed to continue coaching Rosenborg the next season, the club's administration naturally had to find a new coach. Trond Sollied would be a normal first choice.

Ola By Rise fired
26 October 2004, 11:40
Ola By Rise not Rosenborg coach next season.


UEFA: "Dorsin is a great talent"
22 July 2004, 08:19
Not only Rosenborg believes that Mikael Dorsin is a man for the future. In their report after the U21 European Championship in June, UEFA point sto the Swedish left back as one of Europe's great talents!

None of the «wish list players» are hot topics
7 June 2004, 11:26
Soon the transfer window opens. has in that occation spoken to the responsible buyer in Rosenborg, Rune Bratseth.

Wants dialogue about shirt
16 April 2004, 13:36
Both Rosenborg and its supporters Kjernen will gain from a high sale of shirts, Per Jørgensen feels. With this in mind, he wants a constructive dialogue with the supporters, instead of criticism.

RBK acting arrogant in Shirt Case
10 April 2004, 22:49
Just as Rosenborg Director of Market Issues Erik Espeseth seemed to take in some of the supporters' views in the case with the new sprangled RBK shirt, Director of Licensed Products Per Jørgensen displays a very arrogant attitude: "Only a very few persons dislike the new suit," Jørgensen claims.

Fans protest against new shirt
10 April 2004, 15:40
There has not been a lack of reactions after publicated pictures of the 2004 Rosenborg shirt on Tuesday.

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