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Wants dialogue about shirt
By Håvard Lindheim, 16 April 2004, 13:36

Both Rosenborg and its supporters Kjernen will gain from a high sale of shirts, Per Jørgensen feels. With this in mind, he wants a constructive dialogue with the supporters, instead of criticism.

SUBJECT OF DEBATE: Rosenborg doesn't view all the commercials as a problem. The supporters, however, do...

Photo: Thomas Myren

Jørgensen has had different roles in RBK during the years, but is now Project Manager Merchandising, that is, in charge of supporter gear.

"The shirt is definitely the most important supporter need-have, and there must be room for critisism if one isn't pleased with it. On the other hand, the supporters in Kjernen have an agreement with the club concerning merchandise sales, and I feel that they should act accordingly."

"It has been too much buzz and talk about the new shirt. Noone gains from such processes. Kjernen too - not only us - gains from a high sale," Per Jørgensen says to

Meeting activity
Tuesday, Jørgensen met with Kjernen leader Christian Brøndbo and Kjernen Merchandising Manager John Inge Korsgat.

"We cleaned the air about all what is written in this case the past week. At the same time, Kjernen expressed a wish to sell the 2004 shirt with commercials in black and white, or simply with no commercials at all. Wether this can be allowed is not clear yet. For one thing, we have agreements. Sponsors have after all payed to have their logos on both the players' shirts and the ones we sell," Jørgensen states.

Rosenborg is going to have a meeting with Adidas too. The people at The Hut are not pleased with how this year's shirt is designed.

"No, the design isn't a lucky one. All the ventilation holes has forced the placing of sponsor marks on to sub-optimal places. It is doubtful that we can reach an agreement this year, but hopefully it can get better for 2005," shirt boss says.

Hopes for increased shirts sale
During 2003, Rosenborg sold 6000 shirts. A nice figure, but RBK believes in a heavy increase.

"We aim for 10000 sold shirts in 2005," Per Jørgensen says.

But with all these commercials, people would not like to use the shirt if it's not Match Day. Noone wants to go around looking like living commercials. Shouldn't RBK try to get less commercials on the shirt, so that we in the future might see loads of RBK-shirts on our main street, instead of all the Beckham shirts?

"That supporters shall use the shirt more is a definite goal for us. This is something we work with. Still, I don't think supporters automatically will use the shirt more even if it should have less commercials. This is a process of change that will take time," Jørgensen feels.

New deal for merchandise goods
Rosenborg's merchandise deal with Adidas ends after the 2005 season.

"The negotiations for a new deal will start later this year," Jørgensen confirms.

This is another area where Rosenborg has much to learn. FC Copenhagen is a likely target when one wishes to compare clubs, and the Danes in March signed a four year contract with Italian Kappa. FCC will receive a two-figured million sum as a basis, and a number of prestation related bonuses on top.

"We are very satisfied with the Kappa deal. I dare to claim that we by this contract set a new standard for equipment deals in Scandinavia," FC Cobenhagen President Flemming Østergaard said in a press announcement.

The shirt sale of the club of the Danish capital is impressing as well. Norwegian daily Aftenposten recently stated that FCC sells 20000 shirts on a daily basis, but this is wrong:

"We never reveal our actual sales figures, but I can confirm that we sell much more than 20000 shirts a year," FCC Commercial Director Dan Hammer tells

Plenty of challenges for Rosenborg, in other words...

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