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Kvarme makes the other ones better
By Håvard Lindheim, 15 Februar 2005, 09:12

The 1-0 win against Esbjerg marked Bjørn Tore Kvarme's comeback at Lerkendal after eight years in excile. The veteran defender impressed, and got much praise after the match.

"He did a very fine job, and really stood up like a great player today," Rune Skarsfjord says to

The Rosenborg co-coach feels that the homecoming son spreads safety in the back lines - a part of the team that has received much critizism the past half year.

"Bjørn Tore has a determination and stoic calm in his defensive work that makes the players around him even better," Skarsfjord states.

Can be better
These words sounds good to Kvarme.

"It is always nice to be appreciated. But I don't think I played above average today myself. I have played countless matches better than this one," Bjørn Tore Kvarme says to

The lad from Trondheim thinks he still can be much better.

"I have struggled some with small injuries the past few weeks, and I'm not completely in shape. During the recent years I haven't played much on artificial grass, and I felt that when we started training in the Abra hall. I got some muscle problems," Beto says.

He is, however, well again now.

"Yes, I didn't feel any problems during today's match," Kvarme states.

Good to be home
Not only the artificial grass is new to the 32-year old. The zero degrees situation is something completely different compared to winters by the Mediterranean.

"Yes, that has been the greatest change. I am not used to these circumstances," he admits.

Still, Beto is very pleased to be back in Rosenborg.

"Life in Corsica didn't turn out like expected. On beforehand I was unsure, and unfortunately, I was right. Neither I not my family did like it there, and hence I chose to use a clause in the contract that let me leave Bastia in December," Bjørn Tore Kvarme says.

Both Lyn and RBK offered him a contract. Luckily for us, he went for Trondheim. And this afternoon, we saw his comeback at Lerkendal.

"The stadium was way better than last time I was here, but the field wasn't all that great. Still, possibly quite good to be february?", he asks, rhetorically.

Who will play?
At the end of February, both Vidar Riseth and Miika Koppinen are back. Bjørn Tore Kvarme and colleague Erik Hoftun will undoubtly have to fight hard to keep their places among the starting 11.

"It will definitely be a hard match for the positions. But I think that all four will get a reasonable amount of playing time this year. We'll play two to three games a week, and then we'll have to rotate quite a bit," Kvarme ascertains.

Rune Skarsfjord isn't worried that some players will be displeased by warming the bench.

"We must think of the greater good for the club at all times, and the club needs to have many good players. We have a great cover in the central defense now, and that feels good," Skarsfjord finishes.

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