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Iversen: "A simple choice"
By Håvard Lindheim, 14 Februar 2006, 08:54

Steffen Iversen is very pleased with the Rosenborg comeback.

THREE YEAR CONTRACT: Iversen signed for Rosenborg Monday afternoon.

Photo: Thomas Myren

"This is great for me. We have been in a dialogue since last autumn, and now it feels incredibly good to finally be back. It has taken a bit extra time to get this done and over with, not least because of my newborn son, but now I'm just very happy to finally be back here in Rosenborg," an excited Iversen said when being presented at the Brakka yesterday.

Steffen Iversen
Born: 10/11/1976 in Oslo
Height/weight: 185 cm / 79 kg
Position: Forward
Former clubs: Nationalkameratene, Astor, Rosenborg, Tottenham, Wolverhampton, Vålerenga
League games/goals '05: 19/7
Caps/goals: 59/12
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The 29-year old has signed a three year contract. And at the same time, the rumours about sky high wages are being brushed off.

"This is not a choice I made from economical reasons. It was important for me to get a long term contract now, and Rosenborg wanted to give me that. Then, the desicion was simple. I have earned enough money in my career, so that was definitely not the reason for chosing Rosenborg. This is the place I was raised. Rosenborg has been my club all the way, and it is here I like it best. Not a hard decision at all," Iversen continues.

Steffen Iversen is still unsure about what reception the RBK supporters will give him, as he has made several negative, and some very negative indeed, remarks about the club after leaving it nine years ago.

"I have said many stupid and wrong things throughout the year, things I shouldn't have said. But noone are perfect, and I hope we can leave those things behind now. Even tough I see that there has been some controversial incidents," Iversen admits.

Among other things, the fans reacted to Iversen's celebration of the silver with Vålerenga, when he joined in singing "Rosenborg sucks!" with the Vålerenga fans.

"That was definitely not the correct thing to do. And I admit that I found the singing troublesome. But it is easy to be carried away, and it would have looked strange if I didn't take part in the celebrations together with my team mates, in front of the fans. To join the singing was a choice I made there and then. Yes, it was wrong, I guess, but I hope that the RBK fans will understand the difficulty of the situation," Iversen explains, adding that he has only gotten positive feedback so far after re-joining Rosenborg.

During the winter, Iversen has played for several British clubs, including Portsmouth and Everton. The player claims that he did this only to keep in shape while the future in Rosenborg was settled.

The next months he will spend getting into shape.

"I'm in decent shape, but I have time until the league premiere to enhance it," a very satisfied Steffen Iversen ends, also mentioning that he very well might end his carreer as an RBK player.

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