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Promises to be more thorough
By Håvard Lindheim, 7 April 2006, 09:59

Unsuccessful new signings is part of the explanation of the previous years' increasing lack of success. Now, Rosenborg will change their routines.

"I think that we are well oriented on the player marked, but we can be even more systematic. We must follow possible new players closer, from an earlier stage, so that we have a chance to get them before ending up in tough competition with other clubs. On an early stage, we should be able to see what players can be really good. That must be the goal," Per-Mathias Høgmo tells

- Is RBK planning to hire their own scouts?

"Well, we can get better in the scouting area; to get new talents in. When we know how much money lies in developing players, it is a sensible question to ask. Trond Nordsteien is now employed as a talent developer, but functions as a scout as well. Wether or not we shall have our own scouts is a subject that will debated this year, when we decide upon an ambition level."

Player import
As February came to an end, Alejandro Lago and Sebatián Eguren was sent home to Uruguay. The same thing has earlier happened with MacBeth Sibaya and Robert Boateng.

"I wonder wether we have been sufficiently thorough in our work, wether we have had a clear strategy when signing foreign players. It is extremely important to have followed the player closely, for a long time, and to know that they will function offf the field as well. They must have the right qualities both as persons and as players. To pick the right types is vital," Høgmo says.

Still, the Rosenborg coach has not been scared by earlier mistakes, and this winter he has signed two Africans and one Canadian. In all, there are now six foreigners in the A squad.

"This winter's new signings have been good, I think. Lars Hirschfeld is a leader. Karim Essediri has qualities well adapted to Norwegian football, and Yssouf Kone has really showed what he can do. The last mentioned speaks four languages, and is already adapted to our climate and culture."

Developing new talents
Successful signings or not, RBK still wants to primarily have local players on the field.

"We can get players from all over the country, from Scandinavia and the rest of the world, but our own region - the Middle of Norway - is crucial. Here, we need to develop the players of the future Rosenborg," Høgmo states.

Rosenborg has long been named as being very lousy in developing their own players, but things are about to change.

"Our junior team became Norwegian champions last year, and we have gotten players like Per Ciljan Skjelbred, Alexander Tettey and Michael Jamtfall. That means we have been doing many things in the right way."

"Still, it is room for further improvements. I think we can start considering possible players from an earlier stage, and at the same time follow up 'the whole of the human being' more closely. Meaning, the player's diet, physiology, amount of training and so on," Per-Mathias Høgmo ends.

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