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Will Hyka have to return?
By Håvard Lindheim, 10 May 2006, 11:25

Jahmir Hyka is still not ready to play for Rosenborg. He might have to return home to Albania.

Jahmir Hyka
Date of birth: 8. mars 1988
Place of birth: Tirana, Albania
Height/weight: 168 cm/57 kg
Position: midfield
Former club: Dinamo Tirana
"Hyka still has not been granted a player's license from the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF)," Rosenborg youth department leader Per Winsnes confirms to

As a result, it will be hard for the 18-year old to be granted a permanent permit for residence in Norway, as it is the Football Assosciation that must recommend it to the Directorate of Immigration in order to get it approved.

No written response from the NFF
The temporary reason from the NFF is split in two: On one hand, it is the number of players from countries outside the EU/EEA, as Rosenborg already have Yssouf Kone and Robbie Russell in the squad, and in addition Sebastian Eguren and Alejandro Lago being loaned out. On the other hand, there is a clause saying that the player must be "vital for the club". In other words, one must be dependant upon his skills on the A team.

"We have justified our appliance in the fact that he is vital, because we have a high number of injured midfielders. This hasn't been taken into consideration by the NFF, and neither have they given us a written answer in this topic," Winsnes says.

Høgmo sees extreme skills
Per-Mathias Høgmo is also tired of the situation, and would very much like Hyka to be ready for play.

"We do hope that he will be given a player's license, so that he can increase his training with the rest of the squad," Høgmo says, after a training session where Hyka has played with the A squad.

"He has extreme skills with the ball. Possibly he needs to learn a bit of the tactical arts, but he has incredible technical skills. A very interesting lad, that we got here because of his skills," Høgmo says, hoping that the situation soon will resolve.

"He would have joined us in the A squad if all his papers were in order," Høgmo ascertains.

Missing international games
But Per Winsnes is not convinced that this case will be brought to the quick end one hopes.

"Jahmir lacks games for his home country's main international sqaud. He has played all levels up to the U21, and been part of a gathering for the main squad, but that isn't enough. He must have played international A games to be taken into consideration, according to the NFF," he says.

Norwegian Top Football will now help RBK's case against the NFF and the authorities in this matter.

"This case is now sent to the Norwegian Top Football, who will follow it up both with the Football Assosciation and the Directorate of Immigration. We hope that it can be solved in a good way both for the player and the club," Per Winsnes tells.

Must leave?
In worst case, though, Hyka will be sent out of the country.

"If the NFF does not recommend a permit of residence, we are helpless against the Directorate of Immigration that issues the permits. The result might be the return of the player to Albania," Winsnes confirms, crossing his fingers for the outcome.

"We are sorry for the current state of affairs and hope that it can be solved in a way that lets Jahmir stay here and play for RBK. That is what both the player and the club wants," Per Winsnes ends to

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