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RBK losing Hyka
By Håvard Lindheim, 18 May 2006, 09:54

The Football Assosciation of Norway NFF has made a decision, and have refused to grant a player license to Jahmir Hyka. Hence, Rosenborg will have to let the Albanian midfielder talent go.

Will Hyka have to go? (09.05.06)

Jahmir Hyka
Date of birth: 8. mars 1988
Place of birth: Tirana, Albania
Height/weight: 168 cm/57 kg
Position: midfield
Former club: Dinamo Tirana
"We have to accept the desicion made by the NFF, and at the same time we must consider the player's further development. He have to leave Trondheim, and his agent will now check for other possibilities in other countries. The player must of course start playing games again. He has now gone two months without playing, and that is not good at his age," youth squad leader Per Winsnes tells

RBK has great hopes in the 18-year old that is called "the new Maradona" in his home country, but the Football Assosciation refused to grant him a player's license. The final word came some days ago. The reason given is that he is "not vital for the club".

"We have worked for aquiring a player's license for Jahmir for a long time. At March 23rd we sent the papers to the NFF for the first time, but our reasons for wanting a work-and-residence-permit was dejected by the NFF. We wanted a somewhat easier entrance to the football life in Norway by letting him learn Norwegian while partially training with the A squad. That way, we wanted to make sure he got integrated in the best way possible."

"After the first rejection, we considered the real situation for the A squad at March 31st. Our midfield was hampered by injuries and incertainties at the time. A new letter to the NFF stressed the need for Jahmir to get a work-and-residence permit, and hence, a player's license. The outcome from this letter was not better."

"Our next step was to let the organization Norwegian Top Football send a letter to the NFF asking them to give the neccessary permits. This was rejected as well. We had to, yet again, make likely that the player would be vital for the operations of the A squad," Winsnes tells

After Frode Johnsen was re-made into a midfielder, and Per Ciljan Skjelbred is getting fit after his injury, the need for Hyka as a backup in this position has grown less. This has been noted by the NFF.

"After March 31st the A squad has made some changes; Frode Johnsen now plays on the midfield, for example. This has again solved some of the problems we described in our letter of March 31st. And, as a result, we can no longer say that Jahmir is vital for the continued operation of the A squad. We feel that the reasons we have put forward to the NFF are real and good and definitely within the framework of the current laws, but repeated correspondence between the parties has not resulted in a positive answer from the NFF. In turn, this means that the player will not get a player's license, and will not be able to play for any Norwegian club," Winsnes says.

"Jahmir is a good football player and also a very nice lad, who has made a good impresson upon all of us in RBK. Maybe our roads will cross in the future - only time will show. Anyway, we wish Jahmir the best of luck with his football carreer in another club, in another country," Per Winsnes ends.

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