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Tromsø - Rosenborg 2-4
By Endre Bakken, 24 March 2009, 18:57

RBK won the snowball fight and got revenge for their embarrasing loss last year.

THE LEADING GOAL: Alexander Tettey shoveled in 1-0 about the time when it stopped snowing.

Photo: TV2

"It was a special game. We were effective in the first half. Tromsø had at least as many chances, but we scored and that's what counts. Like we learnt last year," Erik Hamrén told TV2.

Four degrees below zero and heavy snow to begin with made the playing conditions on an already bad pitch worse. Steffen Iversen started on the substitutes bench because of the artificial grass, something which gave Rade Prica the opportunity to be in the starting eleven for the first time. Despite the victory, the Swede wasn't able to show what he was good for.

Tromsø were the best in the beginning, and created many chances. The greatest was a long shot from Joel Lindpere, which Rune Jarstein punched into the goalpost.

"Rune rescued us, he had some incredible saves. It kept us in the game," Hamrén concluded.

After that Rosenborg took over, in large part due to Alexander Tettey and Anthony Annan controlling the midfield. Tettey beat Tore Reginiussen in a sprint duel, and scored after a long pass from Mikael Lustig. He celebrated by making angels in the snow.

After half an hour RBK increased the lead: Marek Sapara gave the ball to Tettey and ran in front of the goal. Per Ciljan Skjelbred sent off a cross, and found Sapara who beautifully controlled the ball into the net with his head.

Jarstein showed off with an incredible save after a Sigurd Rushfeldt header from only a few metres. RBK took over the game towards half time, and it wasn't a coincidence that they scored yet again. Whether it should have been allowed is up for discussion: Vadim Demidov held Helge Haugen's shirt, and the Tromsø player headed a corner into his own goal.

In many ways it was an inverse version of last year's match, when Tromsø was in the lead with 3-0 at half time after an evenly played game.

Demidov followed up by sending a Sapara free kick into the furthermost corner right after the break. RBK kept the concentration up, and it seemed like the game was over when it became exciting once more.

RBK changed to a 4-4-2 with Iversen and Prica in the attacking line, which opened up the defense. Tromsø began creating chances again. Miika Koppinen scored first, when he beat Prica in an air-duel. After that Rushfeldt got a penalty after a push by Demidov, despite being in offside. Rushfeldt scored.

Still, RBK got away with three points after one of the hardest away games this year, and has six points in two games. Which means RBK is in the lead of the league.

Match statistics

Miika Koppinen 77
Sigurd Rushfeldt pen. 84
Alexander Tettey 17
Marek Sapara 28
Own goal (Helge Haugen) 40
Vadim Demidov 48

Monday 23. March 2009 19:00
Tippeliga, Alfheim stadion, Tromsø
5559 attendants

Rosenborg [4-2-3-1]
Rune Jarstein - Mikael Lustig, Alejandro Lago, Vadim Demidov, Mikael Dorsin - Anthony Annan, Alexander Tettey - Per Ciljan Skjelbred, Marek Sapara, Trond Olsen (Steffen Iversen 68) - Rade Prica (Roy Miller 84)

Yellow cards RBK: Alexander Tettey

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