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Sandefjord - Rosenborg 2-2
By Endre Bakken, 20 May 2009, 15:48

RBK seemed to be in control of the game after a scintillating first half, but Rune Jarstein made a fool of himself for the third game in a row.

Sandefjord equalized when Jarstein caught a highflying crossball by the backmost post, but then dropped it. Samuel Isaksen easily scored by sliding in the equalizing 2-2 goal.

"He should have done that better. It is hard for the team when the goalie makes those kinds of mistakes," Erik Hamrén explained to NRK.

This was RBK's third draw in a row and the third game in a row where Jarstein made a mistake that cost RBK points (against Lyn, Molde and Sandefjord). However, Rosenborg started very well. The home team kicked off, but still RBK managed to score after 19 seconds! A bad pass was caught, and Mikael Dorsin sent the ball to Rade Prica. The attacker passed to Trond Olsen, who rolled the ball under goalie Espen Bugge Pettersen.

RBK created many chances. Prica followed up with a good shot, which the goalie was just barely able to box over the crossbar. After that the Sandefjordkeeper deftly got a hand on a header from Mikael Lustig. On the corner that followed Marek Sapara shot centimetres past the post with his left foot.

Rade Prica should have gotten a penalty when he was fouled by Espen Nystuen, but scored just minutes later. He flicked the ball to Steffen Iversen, got the ball seconds later and sent off a shot. It went in.

After that RBK lost control for a while. A free-kick from Sandefjord was headed in the bar and then Admir Rascic headed in 1-2. Vadim Demidov was a little too nice in that duel, and lost his man.

Olsen had two more gigantic chances before half time. Both times he ran through in the middle, but the shots went over the bar.

Unfortunately the game died out in the second half. Steffen Iversen was good in his new position on the midfield for the third game in a row, and was responsible for the best Rosenborg chance with a long shot. Prica could have scored right thereafter, but the shot went via a Sandefjord player and wide.

Sandefjord weren't good, but got help from Jarstein. Even though there was 20 minutes left Rosenborg was never got into the game again, even though they threw on Didier Konan and Dario Zahora.

"It was a bit like last year- when we also created plenty of chances. We played well, and had many opportunities to score. We should have won with many goals, and it felt wrong losing two points," Hamrén said after Rosenborg's first game at arena.

Match facts

Admir Rascic 40
Samuel Isaksen 70
Trond Olsen 1
Rade Prica 32

Tuseday 19. May 2009 20:00
Tippeliga, arena, Sandefjord
7628 attendants

Rosenborg [4-2-3-1]
Rune Jarstein - Mikael Lustig, Alejandro Lago, Vadim Demidov, Mikael Dorsin - Marek Sapara, Alexander Tettey - Per Ciljan Skjelbred (Didier Konan 80), Steffen Iversen, Trond Olsen (Dario Zahora 87) - Rade Prica

Yellow cards RBK: none

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