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Vålerenga - Rosenborg 1-2
By Endre Bakken, 30 June 2009, 07:04

Rade Prica finished the turnaround with a wonderful header two minutes into extra time.

OSLO ( "These are the most fun victories. When you score the deciding goal into extra time with your fans right behind you things can't get any better," a beaming Prica said.

Alexander Tettey sent a cross from the right, and the Swede outclassed Amin Nouri in the air. The header went in an arch and in the opposite top corner.

"I know that he has skills, and he did that perfectly well. But you couldn't be certain that he was going to score. He should have done that earlier on one of his many great chances. It would have been easier to score there," Erik Hamrén thought.

RBK owned most of the game from the beginning, but were unable to create proper opportunities to score. Marek Sapara - back after his injury, Steffen Iversen and Prica all had long shots that went wide. VIF had some minor attempts.

"Our quality of play was bad when we got the ball, and we were too passive in our defensive efforts," Hamrén commented.

After a planned pause in the middle of the first half in the blistering heat RBK kicked into top gear. Unfortunately VIF's goalie Troy Perkins had also awoken. With terrific saves he hindered several good low shots from Iversen while Prica shot above the bar from a good position.

Instead Vålerenga scored. Vadim Demidov gave an unnecessary corner, from which VIF rewon the ball and was able to send of a crossball into the box. André Muri was allowed to stand alone and head the ball behind Rune Jarstein. So the goalie wasn't able to pass Geir Karlsen's record of five matches without letting in goals in 1970 and 1973 and thereby creating a new club record.

Into extra time Prica tried a bicycle kick, but Muri got his head on the ball. RBK kept up the pressure after half time. Mikael Dorsin was involved in several dangerous attacks where he first got a good shot, then headed the ball to Prica who attempted a shot. Perkins saved both. The third try was a low ball near the furthermost post, which Prica was too slow to catch.

Vålerenga got a great opportunity to score when Roar Strand lost the ball to Morten Berre. Mohammed Abdellaoue was alone with Jarstein. "Moa" sent off a flat shot that almost passed the RBK goalie, but the latter was able to throw himself backwards just in time.

"It was a save that decided the match. We score right afterwards, so it was fun to catch that ball," the national goalie concluded.

Substitute Trond Olsen got a free kick that he sent towards the goal. André Muri tried to send away the ball, but steered it into his own goal. Muri - Muri 1-1.

Despite there being 20 minuts left of the game not much happened except some substitutes and injuries. Rosenborg controlled the game till the end.

RBK are hitherto undefeated, so the old record from 1995 no longer stands.

"We are incredibly strong. It is impressive, nobody would have believed this before the season began," Prica concluded.

Match stats

André Muri 39own goal (André Muri) 70
Rade Prica 90

Sunday 28. June 2009 20:00
Tippeliga, Ullevaal stadion, Oslo
19 234 attendants

Rosenborg [4-2-3-1]
Rune Jarstein - Roar Strand, Alejandro Lago, Vadim Demidov, Mikael Dorsin (Andreas Nordvik 83) - Anthony Annan, Alexander Tettey - Marek Sapara (Trond Olsen 66), Steffen Iversen, Per Ciljan Skjelbred (Didier Konan 82) - Rade Prica

Yellow cards RBK: Kris Stadsgaard

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