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Rosenborg - Lillestrøm 2-1
By Endre Bakken, 29 July 2009, 10:34

RBK recovered from the Qarabag-fiasco, and came victorious out of their 1000. league game. Furthermore, the record of eight Eliteserie victories in a row was equaled.

"I thought we were the better team from the beginning, despite letting in 0-1," Erik Hamrén said.

Lillestrøm took the lead when lack of communication between Stadsgaard and Jarstein allowed Edwin to get the ball and score an easy goal. Minutes later Eziyodawe ended up alone with Jarstein, who saved the ball, giving away a corner.

The guests from Romerike were fighting against relegation, so there was no reason to give up. Rosenborg controlled the game, and after a while they created some good play.

"We wanted to show that we are good on the pitch, so we played differently than against Qarabag. We hid too much in that game, and used too many long passes. You can see the difference in attitude between now and then. You can tell that they are thinking "we can do this", while against Qarabag they seemed to think "this is going to get hard"," Hamrén explained.

One long shot from Anthony Annan just wide of the post was the first chance RBK got (ignoring a free-kick by Marek Sapara that went straight to goalie Otto Fredrikson).

After that Per Ciljan Skjelbred sent the ball to Steffen Iversen, who took it down with his chest and shot on a half-volley. Mikael Lustig scored on the rebound.

RBK opened the second half strongly. Trond Olsen got close to scoring on a cross from Lustig before Roar Strand got away from his man and shot into the bar.

"We weren't rewarded for our hard work and got tired. They had a period where they participated in the game again, but then we took over once more towards the end. We need to become better in our offensive play, but overall we did a fine job," Hamrén concluded.

Substitutes Didier Konan and Abdou Traoré were much help in the final minutes. Konan created trouble for the tired opponents, and got close to scoring when he dribbled his way forward and finished from an angle. Then Sapara got the ball back following a short corner and shot it over via the bar.

Traoré was sent in to substitute "Sapi" seconds later, and only needed one minute to show what he is able of: Annan sent a clever pass into the box, where Frode Kippe fouled Traoré, who tried to jump over him. Not much contact, but an obvious penalty nonetheless.

RBK hadn't recieved a penalty kick since the league premier against Vålerenga. Steffen Iversen missed then, but in his second try in the eighteenth game he scored via the left post.

And with that RBK won their thousandth league game (526-236-238) while Molde only managed a 1-1 draw in Sandefjord. Rosenborg is now six points ahead with one game less played

Match stats

Mikael Lustig 43
Steffen Iversen pen. 86
Edwin Eziyodawe 10

Sunday 23. July 2009 20:00
Tippeliga, Lerkendal stadion
16 426 attendants

Rosenborg [4-2-3-1]
Rune Jarstein - Mikael Lustig, Kris Stadsgaard, Alejandro Lago, Andreas Nordvik - Anthony Annan, Per Ciljan Skjelbred - Roar Strand (Didier Konan 68), Marek Sapara (Abdou Traoré 84), Trond Olsen - Steffen Iversen

Yellow cards RBK: none

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