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Rosenborg - Lyn 4-1
By Endre Bakken, 6 September 2009, 21:16

The game was exciting until Rade Prica took the matter into his own hands and scored three goals.

HAT-TRICK: Prica celebrating the second of his three goals against Lyn.

Photo: Thomas Karlsen

"Everyone thought we were going to win this match. They expected a result like 4-0, 5-0 in our favor. We were consistently good throughout the game. They din't get many opportunities to score while we created plenty. We have to be happy with that," Erik Hamrén said.

With the victory against the relegation favorites RBK set a new record with 22 league games without a loss.

"It betokens quality and stability. I love beating records," a beaming Hamrén said.

Rosenborg were able to use fast passes and send off crossballs from kick-off, but the precision wasn't great. The leading goal was scored by Steffen Iversen on a penalty after Prica had been fouled by Mads Dahm.

Then RBK started wasting chances. Iversen should have scored on a rebound from goalie Tyrel Lacey, who saved it. Then Trond Olsen shot straight onto the newly bought Lyn keeper.

Olsen was in the starting eleven for the first time in a month, and was not in top shape. In two minutes early in the second half he outran the defense and ended up alone with the goalie twice. First he shot into the side of the goal from a near-dead angle having gotten around Lacey. After that he failed in an attempt to lob the ball over the American from 16 metres. Olsen then had yet another shot that he sent wide from ten metres.

"We weren't able to make use of the chances we created. Trond had four opportunities of the kind you aren't allowed to waste. It become unneccesarily exciting when we gave them a penalty kick and the opportunity to get back into the game," Hamrén concluded.

Luckily Rade Prica had already scored on a free-kick from Marek Sapara when Vadim Demidov needlessly pulled down Jo Inge Berget from behind in the lower outer edge of the box. Davy Claude Angan scored via the goalpost.

Lyn eyed an opportunity to leave with some points and kicked into top gear. The quick Kim Holmen created trouble when he cut through the field and shot to the side of the goal.

The game was not over until Roar Strand sent an elegant through-pass to Prica, who took it down, turned around and shot under the keeper. Then the Swede decided the game by lobbing the ball over Lacey after being served by another substitute, Abdou Traoré.

"Of course it is wonderful to score, especially when you've had a number of games in a row without scoring at home. I had only gotten three until now, but today I was able to double that amount in one game. It always feels best to score at home with the fans cheering," Rade Prica said with a smile.

After Molde's loss to Vålerenga RBK are ten points ahead with one game less played. The smell of gold is strong with only eight games remaining.

Match stats

Steffen Iversen pen. 28
Rade Prica 62, 84, 88
Davy Claude Angan pen. 67

Monday 31. August 2009 19:00
Tippeliga, Lerkendal stadion
14 873 spectators

Rosenborg [4-2-3-1]
Rune Jarstein - Mikael Lustig, Kris Stadsgaard, Vadim Demidov, Mikael Dorsin - Marek Sapara (Roar Strand 76), Anthony Annan - Per Ciljan Skjelbred, Steffen Iversen (Michael Karlsen 90), Trond Olsen (Abdou Traoré 89) - Rade Prica

Yellow cards RBK: Kris Stadsgaard

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